Achievements of Nai-Umeed Development Organization are;

1.      A model treatment center (Nai-UmeedDrugTreatment Center with 40 beds and trained/qualified staff)established in June, 2005 working for the treatment of drugs adicted peoples of society with the guidance and cooperation of ANF (Anti-Narcotics Force) Punjab. This hospital is working on no cost basic to drug adicted poor and vulnerable peoples but socially well off peoples are charged for their treatment and these charges are considered as source of income for the hospital and used for hospital running expenses and treatment of poor and vulnerable patients.

2.      One general hospital (operated under Nai-Umeed Drug Treatment Centre) with free dispenciary and five beds at UC Mannah Ahmadani which works for the provision of health facilities to communities and awareness raising on HIV/AIDS and drugs ediction. This hospital was established in 2009 and working procedure of the general hospital is same as Nai-umeed drug treatment centre.

3.      The establishment of rehabilitation center providing different skills to drug abusers in different fields i.e. electrician, plumber, steel fixer, computer operator, technician, dairy farming, poultry farming etc.

4.      Three (03) free dispensaries at following locations in Dera Ghazi Khan

i.           Chah Wadani wala UC Kot Haibat Dera Ghazi Khan (2006)

ii.         Block No. 32 Dera Ghazi Khan (2007-08)

iii.       Union council Shah Sadar Din Dera Ghazi Khan (2007-08)

First, free dispenciary is in running condition in present time being funded by Nai-Umeed Drug Treatment Centre while other two dispenciaries are not running becuase of unavailability of funds.

5.      Child Friendly School at Muslim TownDera Ghazi Khan established in 2009. Purpose of the school is to eradicate the problem of child labor in the society. School works for basic education and skill development facilities for the children and provision of honorarium to children. This school worked for more than 01 year.

6.      A women handicrafts centre established in 2009-10 in Haq colony Dera Ghazi Khan for the promotion and empowerment of women and improvement of their skills.

7.      Nai-Umeed development organization developed a pressure group in April, 2007 in the district against the selling of norcotics ans awareness of healthy activities in drugs addicted peoples for their rehabilitation.

8.      Child right committee free legal aid(SPARC) – Nai-Umeed and shelter community organization are working together against child and women trafcking.

9.      Worked on Health and hygiene awareness with youth front organizations funded by Paiman International.

10.  Member of Ghazi civil Society Network, Dera Ghazi Khan and South Punjab NGOs Network.

11.  Arranged a number of seminars, awareness sessions and walkseradication narcotics and HIV/Aids in collaboration with local organizations and Anti-Norcotics Force and Aids control Program (Every year seminar at district level on 1st Dec from 2005).

12.  Worked in 2010 flood relief by fund raising from philonthirapists. Distributed food and Non-Food Items and organized more than twenty (20) free medical camps durings 2010 flood emergency.


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