Nai-Umeed Development Organization was established in 14th January, 2003 by a group of social workers and register in 13th September, 2006 under the social welfare voluntary movement ordinance, 1961 with Registration No. DOSW(DGK)2006/239 District Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.Nai-Umeed Development Organization is a growing civil society organization which is trying its best to improve living standards of destitute, marginalized and deprived communities. Nai-Umeed is lightening the candle of awareness and guidance on self-finance basis in the field of Narcotics, H.I.V(Aids), Children Health, Education, Women Empowerment and Poverty Reduction. The Politics of Nai-Umeed are made in light of field experiences and ground realities. The organization has faith that no output comes until the individuals are not cordially involved in the process of social development. Nai-Umeed is a fully managed and well-organized movement, which is absolutely concentrating on consultancy, awareness and health. Its activities are conduction of Seminars, Workshops, Symposium, Walks, Conferences, Dialogues, Research, street theater Study Survey, Child Health, and nutrition Campaign, Disaster Risk Reduction, Environmental protection, Anti-ChildLabourCampaign, Public and Media Forms, Family and Child Crises Management, Free Legal Aid Services, Social Mobilization and Cultural Festival etc.


1.      To work for the eradication of poverty by education, health and social services and making people prepared enough to fight against natural calamities and disasters.

2.      To search out the causes of narcotics, HIV/Aids and to provide remedies against narcotics.

3.      Training of the Young generation through Community relationship against anti-narcotics, HIV/Aids

4.      The formation of healthy society and to avoid narcotics through promotion of sports from District to U.C. Level.

5.      To arrange seminars, walks and awareness sessions about social evils.

6.      To provide free medical aid to the drug addicted peoples and work for their rehabilitation, provide different employments to make them dutiful and responsible citizen of society.

7.      To restore Narcotics effects (addict) their self-confidence and ability to manage their own future in society.

8.      To work for a moderate liberal & civilized society protection of minority rights and to work for establishment of sustained peace and justice.

9.      To provide awareness to the deprived communities with information through Electronic Media.


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